Bishop of Banja Luka

His Eminence Bishop of Banja Luka Mr Jefrem

Bishop Jefrem (Ephraim) of Banja Luka (worldly name Mile Milutinovic) was born on 15th April 1944 in the village of Busnova near the municipality of Prijedor. In his birth place, he finished six grades of primary school, and the seventh and eighth grade, as well as the Grammar School, in the municipality of Sanski Most.


Служба Св. Платону

Служба Св. Свештеномученику Платону

Church calendar

Divine services schedule




07:30 h



17:00 h (winter time)

18:00 h (summer time)


Vigil service – on the eve of Sundays and holidays:

17:00 h (winter time)

18:00 h (summer time)


Divine Liturgy on Sundays and week days on holidays (marked red letters in the calendar):

09:00 h


Divine Liturgy (for the repose of one’s soul) – every Saturday and a Memorial Service afterwards (except on holiday – marked red letters in the calendar):

08:00 h


General Requiem Service – every Saturday at 11:00 h


Repental Canon to Christ the Saviour – on Sundays after the Vesper